Radon Testing


The New 2019 1028 XP Radon Monitor

The industry's latest leading CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor)

Sun Nuclear 

  • Nominal Sensitivity – 2.7cph per pCi/l
  • Uncertainty (48h) – 6%
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity to OneRADON™
  • Full-color graphic display for comprehensive review of data and test results
  • Resistive touchscreen (2.8” diagonal) – works with gloves on!
  • Humidity, pressure and temperature-neutral device design – not reliant on software compensation or calibration
  • Motion sensors and PIN security for tamper-proof operation
  • 10 test memory slots, each easily retrievable/updateable
  • Storage of up to 10,000 data logs, or >1 year of continuous 1-hour logs
  • >300 hours of battery life - (4) AA batteries included with purchase
  • Modular and future-proof design
  • Environmental Monitoring – VOC, C02, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
  • Cellular communication and Remote operation, including remote monitoring, and start/stop of tests– via the LTE Upgrade
  • Cloud connectivity – via OneRADON or LTE Upgrade – for access to all your data, from anywhere

Monitor Setup

The radon monitor will be set up 48 hours prior to the home inspection. Results will be delivered the day of the home inspection with a high definition graph that will be emailed directly to you and your agent!

Servicing Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Holland, Perrysburg, Waterville, Whitehouse, Monclova, and surrounding areas!

Inspection Pricing

$125 with the purchase of a home inspection

$150 for radon test alone